Gabriel Sperber


Expertise in the Ultra High Net Worth and International Goods & Services

With an expertise in the dynamics of the Family Office and the specialized ecosystem of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and  Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI), Gabriel Sperber is passionately inspired by the way individuals choose to exercise their rights in spend, preservation of  privacy, and enhancement of reputation-- all while enjoying life. 

A Focus on the International Family Offices, Chief of Staff, and Operating Businesses

Focused on the global development of mass and niche premium, luxury, and lifestyle goods and services, Gabriel has developed the creation of strategies and tactics for international estates, family offices, and traditional goods & services through non-traditionally innovative ways. The common thread in each unique capacity —  as the Director of Strategic Relations for the Kangra Family Office  (South African Single Family Office) in service to the principal's activity in operating businesses (global wineries, leading yacht manufacturers, and thoroughbred breeding and racing); then, as the Senior Branding Manager for Sun Capital's Kellwood Company (Vince, Scotch & Soda, and others); next, serving an Australian family office's operating business as the Strategic Marketing Director and Director of Product Development of the world's leading equestrian goods company; as the Director of the NPD Group's "The Luxury Practice" overseeing luxury watches, branded jewelry and the commercial diamond market; as the Global Marketing and Strategy Director of the world's third largest aircraft manufacturer for Embraer Executive Jets of Brazil and Florida;  as the Senior Vice President of Strategic Client Relations of a London-based international risk mitigation and crisis management partnership focused on 

legal, intelligence, cyber security, and advisory; 

--- and as the Senior Vice President and Chief of Staff with Portmanteau Holdings ---

all uniquely reflect a passion for people, meaningful strategic advisory, and facilitating the enhancement of one's life.

A Trusted Advisor to some of the World's Most Luxurious Practices

Gabriel has advised some of the world's most impactful people; sovereign wealth funds; both established private families and dynastic royalty;  and as a consultant to benchmark companies, including: Rolex Watches, Porsche, Richemont, Venture Capital & Private Equity partnerships, various banks (HSBC, BNP Paribas, Credit Suisse, UBS, et al.) NBC, Chanel, Hermès, Apple, Tiffany & Co, The NFL, LVMH, and others. 

He has served in both the private and public sectors.

Gabriel is a registered agent focused on luxury real estate advisory with 

‘The James Brune Team of Douglas Elliman' of New York and Palm Beach.

Public Speaking: Expertise in the Luxury Market and the Clientele

Gabriel has served as an expert panelist and speaker at Bloomberg ("Targeting The Luxury Market"); Time-Life ("Fashion Week: Brand Innovation"); Forbes' ("Using Data to Market"); Brand Innovators ("Touchpoints in Luxury: Brand storytelling through digital and Video"); The Wharton School (SF) of the University of Pennsylvania on behalf of 

The Institute for Private Investors ("Mitigating Family Offices' Risk When Direct Investing") and the 

London-based Campden Wealth regarding matters of high net worth practices and behaviors. 

He has guest lectured at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management on issues relating to 

the luxury business in the age of technology. 

Gabriel's primary area of focus is in service to various international families; principals; impending next-generation transference; respective governance; and the UHNWI's  ecosystems, businesses, and their growing interests. 

Global Philanthropy

As an advisor, he counsels clients on impact investing and serves various philanthropies both as a proxy 

on behalf of family offices and their principals. 

As an independent representative of his own personal volition, Gabriel's philanthropic focus is largely centered around global and local causes impacting health care, the arts, education, and developing access and opportunities to underserved individuals and populations.


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